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Amilcare Cristini the friend !
Speaking about the figure and the work of Tarcisio Merati it is often, not to always say (at least in the publications and writings till now appeared) forgotten to signal the great importance that for the art of Tarcisio, his initiation and his practical application , for everything of his route, the constant and neighbor presence of his great friend Amilcare Cristini .
Cristini was the unique person responsible of the art studio that Merati frequented. It dressed again the qualification of specialized nurse, but for the truth it was very more and of different.Belonging to that generation of humble (the same one of Merati ), Cristini had the twisted only to never feed sublime ambitions or he didn't know how to exploit his rich attitudes, he was (and it is) in primis an artist and a painter and of good level. Student of the great Italian artsist Achille Funi near the famous academy Carrara in the years immediately after the war, it was initiated to the denominated style Nine hundred and it had colleagues and friends that today yet represent the gotha of the art in North Italy.The way of the lifetime prohibited him to survive in that times of thin cows to practice the only pictorial art and it are for this reason that we find him to work in to the psichiatrich hospital in the qualification above said. Without Cristini there would not have been (at least in the years 70 and 80) the studio or ergoterapic department , how much not in the forms that it had, and Merati would not perhaps have developed so much (or any) job. And' in fact with him, and under his suggestion that "it begins" the painting toward halves the years 70. Merati and Cristini constituted a high-powered symbiosis. Constantly together for many years from the 8.00 hours to the 17.30 hours of every day, each in front of his support with the famous sheets of 100 for 75 centimeters. The friend Amilcare prepared for him mediums and colors and tried to also satisfy him in all of his request also the more strangest. Cristini always had a lot of respect of the job of Merati and wisely never incited him in the choice of the subjects or in the indication of particular techniques, for against it polled him and he polled on the done jobs, offering to Tarcisio more than a motive for reflection and of felt appreciation, that then Your mind he left "to take off" in unbelievable and extremely poetic personal lucubrations, always made of personal nouns and referable abstruse reasonings to one particular logic of his. From this fortunate relationship it exited a true and intense friendship that lasted the whole lifetime of it. In fact also during the last past years in the rest in at home next to the hospital, the only tract of escape was represented by the arrival of the crashed car of Cristini (a true macchinetta trombetta !) what it passed "to withdraw" Tarcisio to again bring him in his craved Studio. And' in short a true sin that everything this has been little written, forget of Cristini is to make a blame to him today but above all to his great friend "Coccolone" how certain would never have forgotten him!