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Artistic critical report !
Extracted by a critical report of Vittorio Sgarbi:
... And the word painter, as perhaps only for Van Gogh, it doesn't give enough reason for the great one epic enterprise of Merati. In him the painting is urgent as the lifetime, it is the same lifetime....

...Merati lives a dream, He elaborates again and He relives a vision; rather it has the vision, while it is painting, and therefore it transcribes, as commanded by a necessity that it is Your same nature, that cannot establish neither to direct. For this as soon as it goes out, as soon as it is "free", it stops painting. The painting is not a vocation and a choice, is not even one it requires, a condition irrinunciabile, a pardon also lowered in the existence the most melancholy into that it turns euphoric. The rest is poverty, it is humiliation, job, money, little whells for automobiles with which will play unhappy children imprisoned adult future.
Extracted by a critical report of Maria Rita Parsi:
...Still truer, only, high-powered it is the graphic language with which Tarcisio is expressed. In it the symbolic contents appear clear, evident, essential. They are these symbols, express in the forms and in the colors, that make rich, exciting, intense, general purpose the work of Tarcisio. Many gods paintings of Tarcisio, above all those that go up again a years' 75 -' 76, withdraw in-house organs of the human body: heart, intestines, brain, uterus, punishments with urethral channel in evidence, particularly elements that concern the genital Area (side figures). Tarcisio "it feels" these threatening organs and persecutori also when it paints them with vivacious colors that remember the cromia of Klimt, or of Kandinskij....
Extracted by a critical report of Bianca Tosatti:
... Tarcisio Merati is the manicomia artist for excellence: to the shelter from the hostile world against which he is insert in form of novelist, musician, political man, teacher; to the shelter from the poverties and from the vulgarity he can finally devote to the operation of the wonder.