Coccolone Tribe
Two words about our free Association, the Coccolone Tribe, that gathers all that occasional and unconscious collectors of works of the great Merati.
First of all the name "Coccolone" that makes reference to the term of endearment with which Tarcisio Merati had called in the ONP (Hospital Psychiatric neuro in Bergamo), and above all in the aspired and mythical Art Studio conducted by Amilcare Cristini.
Coccolone alias Tarcisio, as it is known, from that great spontaneous artist what today it discovers him in all of his dimension, it was at the time "obviously"completely unaware of the fame that would have accompanied later it a lot of time. And as him all of his friends, colleagues of art studio, nurses and physicians and all the various people that have had the fortune to know him.
His "art" it was at the time only a real commodity of exchange, a sort of coccolone-coin, that he offered to all those people that passed him to draught.. Thick Coccolone put on in "trap" already in the gatehouse of the ONP asking the by now mythical millino (a little of money), with which to buy him a lipstick (appetizer) or other alimentary carousals. The more ones considered a generosity that small oblation in exchange for which they received a "macchinetta trombetta", a "tatanino cocono", or yet some strange divided musical entitled: "cri-pru-pre." The more ones immediately are undone of that manufactured articles, some also 2 minutes after the I purchase, accomplice a neighbor trashcan. The others (few), a little for liking, a little for memory and a little for any other reason, the jobs of thin Tarcisio are stored to today. These are for the note the Coccolone tribe, the friends of once that helped Tarcisio without waiting him for nothing. if not the happiness to see this small little fellow and larger that with generosity it distributed him a smile, an abstruse lexical performance or one sketch of his. This they are that old friends today, the "indirect" collectors more meritorious than hourly they are perhaps about to receive from the good Tarcisio (certainly with his enthusiasm behalf...) a possible little of deserved fortune!