Our Purpose and Services
& projects

The purpose of the Coccolone Tribe free Associationis first of all the promotion, the exploitation and the popularization of the phenomenon Merati and as far as possible also of the others "Artists" of famous art studio of ONP in Bergamo. Operating and collaborating where possible with the other whole benemerites initiatives similar to start from the Association Tarcisio Merati.
Then the organization of shows is anticipated in which the works of the Cristini trust will be exposed which all those illustrated belong on the following site (the name of trust derives from the fact that the most greater party of them they belong to the great friend of Tarcisio, Amilcare Cristini).
Competed and effective bank asset to the cataloguing (and to the recovery) of all the works that will go to enrich the trust. Our number of catalog will be always (where possible) on two numbers: the first one related to the trust is preceded by the letter K and from an increasing number. Instead the second is the number of catalog gotten by the Association Tarcisio Merati that it deals him with the general cataloguing of the works
We also deal there with to certify and to authenticate possible works of Merati, could be worth us some effective collaboration of our honorary Chairman Amilcare Cristini, for years constantly (and perpetually) near to his friend Tarcisio Merati, and that for such motive he has seen to be born about every work of the Merati, as well as answerable of the preparation of the mediums, colors and all other to him necessary.
For this fact Cristini represents the maximum living conversant in the attornment of the works of the painter.
Ours will be a free Association of "occasional and meritorious" private collectors, the partners' affairs lessees of works of the trust will obviously be medicated. Nevertheless a meaningful party of the possible consequential proceeds from all the activity of the "Coccolone tribe" will be devolved to corporate body or Associations benemerite of time in time individualized from our Association.