The Music and the Poetic
The other arts of Tarciso Merati
During his permanence in the art studio of the psychiatric hospital, Tarcisio Merati often played the piano, at times the xylophone in wood, and perhaps also the old contrabbasso (before his definitely crashed).
Luca the child of Cristini had the beautiful idea to videotape with an old cassette recorder a surprise Jam session of Tarcisio. Realized in 1980 this amatorial tracking it came titled from the same: "When my prince will return", and deals him with the "strampalata" musical performance of some guests of the ONP with the aid of the present tools in the studio, In good party deals with the music to the piano of Tarcisio Merati, accompanies from the Xylophone in wood of Walter Riva (what went and came from the concert...) and of Luigì (the bystander "musician" of which don't remember the family name) that assisted backed to the sued big contrabbasso (already without ropes!) all instrumental endowments of the studio.Merati as known wrote a particular his music, with his line and it memorials more than dodecafoniche.e accordingly its fingering to the tool reflects such "ordinate" anarchy almost made of perpetuam minimalists of obsessive staircases to you salt-go down.
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Mp3 side nr. 3

Mp3 side A nr. 9

In preparation also a sort of small dictionary "Coccoliniano"
meanwhile tasted you some small example:
Dorynello, Divrimillo, Docrinello, Favenello, Fauryllymo, Fadryllino, Mycrysello, Mivrynello, Redyrello e Sovrynello....