The art gallery of Tarciso Merati
Those introduced in these pages are the images of the whole outturn of belonging Merati to the Cristini trust . Currently such trust gathers the belonging works to six collectors, and it has been constituted since less than two hundred works. Esteeming the actual listed of merati in various hunfreds of known jobs, the Cristini Trust currently holds something a significative part of the whole known outturn. Amilcare Cristini remembers however that his friend Coccolone has meaningfully realized a more elevated number of artistic manufactured articles, besides the well know tempers and sketches to pastels, pen or coloured crayon, also the mythical tapestries composed with a loom of which our Association take a rare image. Related to these memoirs, is respectable in at least 1000 the jobs played by Tarcisio Merati during his permanence in the art studio.

Gallery of Tarcisio Merati
Work on paper 75 x 100 o 50 x 70cm o 24 x 31 cm
The other Gallery
The works of all the other artist of the Hospital atelier