Tarciso Merati alias "Coccolone"
A little artist biography
Tarcisio Merati is born inItaly at Bonate Sopra in the province of Bergamo, at May 27 th 1934. Your is a family of artisans. His mother ago also work in local church.
In the summer of 1959 is hospitalized for the first time in the mental hospital of Bergamo. The folder clinical performance tell: "Dissociative symptom complex, schizophrenia"; later: "Mental psychosis late." It enters and it goes out of the bedlam more times.
In the following years, from 1974 to 1984, the clinical folders don't videotape any substantial change. Yet a great novelty has happened. In the clinical memorial of July 23 rd 1983 it can be read: "Discreetly clean, also in the department and all 'studio, paints rather abstract pictures." And they are that the most active years and probably more interesting in the artistic outturn of Merati. Your "Blaue Reiter" it incessantly gallops in the second halves the years 70.
The everything happens nell 'by now mythical Studio or ergoterapic department of the hospital managed in all of his duration by Amilcare Cristini, that will be and will remain up to the end his most important friend and referente and perhaps (gives the same passion for the painting) his unintentional initiator to the love for the brushes and the colors. Cristini will also have the meaningful worth not to interact to condition its particular fancy of the artist Merati, abridging to observe curious of it and I make an attempt his development. Let's not forget us that "Coccolone" work and play also with the words and with the music. Rather at this time he was more famous, and in some verse "sought after" really for the marvelous eccentricity of his language, and of his incomprehensible but genial dialectical performance. The music from him played (especially on the tuneless piano present in the Atelier) it had obsessive characteristics and mimimaliste instead.
In the artistic field its subjects are often repeated in a convulsive serialità. they are almost always of the Story Toy (from here the name of our site) abstract little toys like the well known machinette trombette (trumpet-car) or little scalene airplane . Don't speak of the innumerable birdies on the nest, the pine-cones and the cactuses.
In 1983, with frequent authorizations, and then in 1984, boundlessly is unlocked 'obligation to remain in the hospital. Accordingly it has to leave the studio and his artistic activity he interrupts, Merati stops painting. Returned home under the liability of his sister that can have now the pension of Tarcisio and, instead of exalting, it impoverishes his artistic talent forcing him to an ungrateful and repetitive job: the assemblage of the wheels of little cars models , thousand a day to the price of a cent.
But he wants to return as sooner as possible to the of Cristini art studio, in the meantime made him sad from the absence of the spectacular one "minstrel." In 1991 it moves him to a rest home next to the old hospital, where the studio is still (what in the meantime he has changed again Your center, the bystander and it completes), that he resumes to frequent. But the rhythm is by now more tired, more goslow. The blaue reiter has stopped racing. In 1993, great event: its first show is arranged him to the Social Theater in Bergamo. In 2006 a second important show even more in Bergamo. Tarcisio serenely spends the last years of Your lifetime. October 22 nd 1995 dies for a tumor to the lung.